All I Ever Wanted To Be

Posted: January 22, 2010 in Irama dan lagu
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It’s clearer inside of me
Who I will always be
Here at the core of my heart
Mystics & cynics & crystals & memories
Beginning to line up the stars

Shining the light in the night
Raising the veil from my eye

Waking me up to the light in our life
Cause of my strength
Some of my dreams
& everything I ever wanted to be…
Here I am this is me where Ill be
In the dark [&] in the light [&] in the wrong [&] in the right…

Karma is energy Give me my destiny
Everything happens for a reason
Every choice that I make
Changes the course I take
Won’t be afraid when I make mistakes
Open my arms & give in

Do it all over again

Do it all over
Again & again,
To get to the end
Of who I am now.
I’m gonna find the answers &
Yes I know how
I know I can win
Some of my dream
& everything I ever wanted
& everything I ever wanted
To be

Here I am
This is me
Who am I?
Wait & see…

..Love the songs huh?! I love the series too. The lyrics has already tell you the story. Erica is very frustrated with her life and then one day she met a Phsyciatrist that wants to help her to accept her life as it is. Which he gives her another chance to go back to her past and try to change what she thinks she shouldn’t did.  As the phsyciatrist make her see her life at vantage point, she begins to accept that everything happens for a reason. Full of inspiring words, quotes.. it works as a foundation and at the same time the spices that we need in life so that we will stay strong and happy as it is. 😉 This series has became one of my favourites after Friends, The Nanny & Desperate Housewives.

“Learn to be what you are and learn to resign with a good grace all that you are not”. -Henri Frederic Amiel



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