MY/YOUR journey becomes OUR journey

Posted: October 15, 2010 in Inspirasi, Tentang kami
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Song: Mavi Kuş ile Küçük Kız a blue bird and a little girl

Movie: UP

saya & suami dah tonton filem ni masa ia masih fresh from the market.. memang best la! Dah la best.. giler romantik.. ekeke.. pasangan suami isteri dalam cerita ni kenal masa kecil kemudian berkahwin dan hingga ke akhir isterinya meninggal sebab sakit.

Don’t find happiness at the end of the journey. Find it in the journey… because in the end, you won’t lose happiness..

Think about it: if you are only happy once you reach a goal, what about all the time you spend getting to the goal? That’s much more of your life than actually being at the goal. If you’re only happy when you’re at the destination, you’ll be unhappy most of the time.” Leo Babauta

Bahagian yang best.. Stuff I’m going to do.

honey dear, let’s make our journey full of adventure 🙂

  1. ipa says:

    tahniah2 dpt melalui relationshp yg sungguh lama dengan jayanya..tabik2.hihhi

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